Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

TotalSDI provides the preferred assessments of the world’s top coaches, trainers and consultants. TotalSDI provides the tools, training, and resources that will make you an expert in developing effective teams and stronger leaders. Join our ranks by becoming a TotalSDI Qualified Facilitator, and you’ll discover how to grow your business and improve your results.

TotalSDI Qualification, Reading
6th-7th Jun 2017
Webinar: Introduction to TotalSDI
9th June 2017
TotalSDI Qualification, Milton Keynes
15th-16th Jun 2017
Maximising Performance Workshop
27th-28th Jun 2017
Webinar: The Cost of Conflict
30th June 2017
TotalSDI Qualification, Milton Keynes
4th-5th Jul 2017
TotalSDI Qualification, Reading
18th-19th Jul 2017

The SDI Qualification process includes a two-day classroom experience followed by supplemental training that enhances and supports the experience. The training provides you with advanced facilitation skills and access to the entire suite of TotalSDI tools.

By successfully completing the course, you’ll become a TotalSDI Qualified Facilitator , making you qualified to purchase, administer, and debrief the TotalSDI suite of assessments. It also gives you the confidence to start working with the tools the very next day.

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