Meet: Tracey Powiesnik (Core Process)

Tracey Powiesnik (Core Process)
SDI qualified since 09/03/2010
Company Name: Core Process
Address: The Techno Centre, Coventry University, Technology Park, Puma Way Coventry CV1 2TT
  • “ I approached Core Process on the recommendation of a colleague and was instantly glad that I did! Core Process have helped our staff team further develop self-awareness, understand our personal motivations and values and enhance our ability to work effectively as a team. At the heart of the work we do is relationship building, and through the training provided by Core Process, we are even better equipped to build resilient and meaningful relationships. The tools and approaches that Core Process utilise are accessible, engaging and transformational. Tracey is a great trainer and is able to engage her audience immediately and effectively. We enjoyed the interactive style and Tracey's warm and relaxed approach. Building relationships is at the heart of what we do at Kairos WWT. The awareness we gained as individuals and as a team will enable us to work more effectively together and help us get the best out of those we support. “
    - Lucia Leon ( Project Manager)
    - Kairos WWT
  • “ It enabled me to assess my team's motivations in order to better communicate with them, as well as use their strengths to build a more effective team. The workshop was a good balance of teaching and participation. The material was presented clearly and concisely (which can be difficult when so many are not native English-speakers!), and with a good bit of humor to keep everyone engaged. “
    - Christine O'Connor ( Managing Director)
    - Kelvion (USA)

Case Study:

  • Kelvion is a global leader in manufacturing bespoke heat exchangers for multi national manufacturing businesses operating worldwide and was recently acquired by a European venture capital fund. This change created significant "people" and "cultural" challenges by moving away from country operated businesses to a global matrix management structure to promote cost effectiveness. The COO's team of some 20 MDs needed support to create a new operating culture to support and effect the transition to a matrix organisation.

  • Core Process used the SDI to create a platform for change with the Operating Team that could sustain the required focus for change and also the resilience required to deal with the high frequency of conflict being experienced in every Opco due to the vagaries of change. With such crucial self awareness established by the SDI, Core Process then used the portraits of strength toolkit to facilitate a strengths enabled purpose and values to drive optimal change.

  • As a result of linking the SDI and Portrait of Strengths to crafting a newly honed purpose the global operating team were able to collaborate more effectively both with their peers, their direct reports and their COO. By avoiding unnecessary conflict using the language of the SDI and understanding their peers more effectively more progress has been made moving to a matrix structure and both local and global cost savings achieved.