Meet: Miffa Salter

Miffa Salter
SDI qualified since 11/09/2011
Company Name:
Address: 7 Avalon Road London SW6 2EX
  • “ I originally used the SDI with Miffa as part of my executive coaching programme and found it to be an extremely useful tool and hence decided to use it for my team. As a group, we thoroughly enjoyed the process and gained valuable insight into personal values, strengths and overdone strengths. This helped foster better relationships across the team and made sense of some prior challenges we were experiencing. Perhaps most valuable was a better understanding of our relative weaknesses and our respective tendencies under stress. We continue to use this framework to discuss how we can communicate better as a team and also how we can deliver more effectively to our clients - and regularly reference the "colours"! The nature of our business requires superlative interpersonal skills and the SDI provides us with a common language which is of huge benefit. Our group found Miffa to be passionate, informed, professional and inspiring. She pitched the feedback perfectly, leaving us feeling empowered and excited about the potential we have as individuals and as a group. I would highly recommend the SDI and MIffa! “
    - Joseph Lawrence (Managing Director)
    - Beyond Health
  • “ I and my executive team first used the SDI with Miffa over 3 years ago, at a time when, although each team member was highly effective in their own right, the team itself was very fractured and not operating effectively as a unit. It helped us to understand why this was happening and to begin the process of creating a much more cohesive and effective group. Working with Miffa again, we then went on to use the SDI with the company Board and the senior management team to help us transition out of a more reactive “turnaround mode” to a proactive, strategic growth mode. Again, we found the tool to be incredibly useful and above all something that everyone could understand and apply. Miffa has done great work for my teams for years and is always highly effective, energetic, intellectually robust and smart with tools like this. She comes highly recommended! “
    - Brian Johnson (Chief Executive)
    - Metropolitan

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