Meet: Jo Baskerville

Jo Baskerville
SDI qualified since 05/01/2013
Company Name:
Address: Homeleigh Sandhills Knowl Hill RG10 9XX
  • “ In the most basic form, SDI has helped me step back, put myself in the other person’s shoes and try to understand their motivation or why they may be behaving as they are. That in turn can help me respond most effectively. Linda Christmas Chief HR Officer. “
    - Linda Christmas (Chief Human Rerources Officer)
    - Chiltern International Limited
  • “ SDI helped me gain a better understanding of my own behaviors, how they impact others, and gave me the ability to better identify when someone I am dealing with is not operating in their ‘usual’ state. “
    - Marc Dickens - Director Quality Assurance Team
    - Chiltern International Limited

Case Study: Chiltern International Limited - Contract Research Organisation - Pharma

  • The Business Development Team, an incredibly busy and dispersed group, had a rare opportunity to come together as a group to reflect, plan and share best practice. There were a number of new members to the team and fledgling relationships. There were processes and approaches that needed to be reviewed and changed, therefore some in depth discussions with experienced individuals on their approaches and methods. There was a desire by the team to build depth to their internal relationships, creating trust, open discussion and safe forums to challenge and understand one another.

  • The SDI model and concept was introduced to them in a face to face session during the meet. The group explore the living triangle and discuss how their perceived their stakeholders and what opportunities they saw in relationships around them. They used the strengths cards to decide on the behaviours the group needed to maximize to be successful. They discussed some of the strengths present in the group that were overdone and the impacts to others of that. Following on from that day, we met as a group via teleconference bi-monthly, each person bringing a scenario or observation each time. In each session we would take one aspect of MVS understanding or conflict or strengths deployment to discuss in more depth and 'clean' our collective language!

  • For next 12 months or so that team continued to see out either individual coaching on a relationship or a group refresh on the concepts and application of SDI. The team secured a number of wins with clients and sponsors. Whilst not attributed to the introduction of SDI alone, however, they each reported having more rapport and engagement with the clients they visited, thus, opening deeper and more meaningful conversations.