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“The difference with TotalSDI is it’s focus on the ways we show up in relationships. Other fine tools focus on the individual, but not the ways in which individuals relate to other people.”
Ray Linder, Owner, Good Stewardship

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The New World of Teams and Work Groups

The word “team” once brought about images of a small group gathered around a conference table. In today’s business landscape, however, teams are more complex than ever — they are diverse in age, skills, gender, background, location, and motives.

Here are some ways TotalSDI helps you increase team effectiveness in complex and diverse work groups:

  • Get to the core of what motivates each individual to work productively.
  • Increase empathy by helping people identify what matters to everyone around them.
  • Show how filters impact decision-making and relationships.
  • Provide insights teams can apply in practical ways to strengthen their relationships and improve effectiveness.
  • Address the changes in motivations that occur during conflict and explain how to manage relationships to avoid or mitigate conflict — and thereby increase productivity.
  • Share how to prevent “overdone” strengths.
  • Improve teams’ understanding of expectations.
  • Provide practical, insightful ways to improve how teams give and receive feedback.

TotalSDI gives you insights into the different things people need from you and how to meet those needs while still maintaining your own needs.”
Jennifer Dreyer, President, Tamayo Consulting

The Foundation

The TotalSDI suite of tools provides assessments that lead to insights into what motivates people’s behaviours and how they can use those insights to become better leaders and build stronger teams.

The Strength Deployment Inventory (SDI) is our foundational assessment, a tool with more than 40 years of research and results that prove its value. The tool helps people see their motives around three business priorities:

  • People – helping and developing others
  • Performance – directing action and achieving results
  • Process – establishing clear and meaningful order

By understanding what motivates them and others, people can discern what behaviours — or strengths — to use or avoid during different situations.

The Strengths Portrait, another foundational tool in the TotalSDI suite, helps identify how someone prioritises strengths, which becomes a valuable insight for learning how to use those strengths effectively in light of their personal motivations and the motivations of others.

Discover Our Value

Incorporating TotalSDI’s suite of assessments into your coaching, consulting and training programmes will help you help your clients develop better leaders and more efficient teams. TotalSDI is everything you need: It’s easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy for clients to remember and implement. Plus, it offers advantages no other tools on the market provide without forcing you to use multiple products. TotalSDI’s tools measure motives, address conflict, strengthen weaknesses, and complement training programmes and systems you and your clients already have in place.

Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers.

Our free webinar will walk you through the TotalSDI assessments and reports so you can see the features and how the products can serve the needs of your clients. You’ll also learn how we support our partners with ongoing training, blogs, marketing materials, and other resources that will help you grow your business. And our experts will answer your questions so you can confidently join our community of partners and begin the process of using TotalSDI with your clients. Register now for your webinar.


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