TotalSDI ‘Getting People Working Better Together’ Learning & Development Event

Whatever your role in business your working relationships are critical to your success

Whether it is a customer/supplier relationship, a manager/direct report relationship or a peer to peer relationship, working together collaboratively is crucial to achieving the best possible outcomes.

The CBI estimates that poor working relationships costs UK business £33 billion per year, taking up 20% of leadership time and potentially losing up to 370 million working days.

So why do so many people experience workplace conflict, work within dysfunctional teams or silos and find it so difficult to work together towards shared goals?

For over 45 years we have enabled individuals and organisations to improve their performance by improving their relationships. We achieve this by providing unique and comprehensive training assessment tools known as TotalSDI, coupled with experiential learning interventions to help:

  • Lead organisational change
  • Build effective teams
  • Improve communications at all levels
  • Manage behavioural change
  • Reduce interpersonal conflict
  • Create an open and collaborative work culture
“The awareness we gained as individuals and as a team will enable us to work more effectively together and help us get the best out of those we support.”
Lucia Leon, Project Manager, Kairos WWT


What is our approach?

You will complete the TotalSDI inventories prior to the training to gain an awareness of:

  • Your motives
  • Your conflict sequence
  • Your strengths
  • Your overdone strengths

After the event you will have the knowledge and the skills to:

  • Understand the how of working better together
  • Develop the skill of collaborative communication
  • Inspire greater personal authenticity whilst achieving the outcomes you need

Who should attend?

The TotalSDI ‘Getting People Working Better Together’ Learning & Development Event is aimed for anyone who wishes to improve their working relationships and/or wants to know more about TotalSDI.

Our training workshops are run as a one day training event in venues throughout the UK.

Cost: £260 (+vat) per delegate.

Attendance on this workshop entitles you to a £100 discount off the TotalSDI Qualification Course.



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