Become an Expert Through our Certification Experience

By signing up for a TotalSDI Certification, you’re beginning a process that gives you the tools and insights you need to help your clients develop stronger, more effective teams.

To learn more about effectively incorporating TotalSDI’s suite of tools into your coaching and training, sign up a free TotalSDI interactive webinar. Been there and done that? Then register today for a certification workshop. It will fully prepare you to deliver TotalSDI with confidence and credibility. Helping your clients develop better leaders and stronger teams begins with TotalSDI certification.

What You Get

As an accredited TotalSDI facilitator:

  • You’ll have access to the full suite of TotalSDI assessments and tools. TotalSDI assessments provide a foundation for any development programme that seeks to improve organisational and team performance.
  • You’ll enjoy ongoing support. Our team is available to help you make the most of the TotalSDI tools and resources, but you’ll also have the support of our network of accredited facilitators – 4,237 worldwide (and growing).
  • You’ll operate independently so you can build your own great brand in the way that works best for you.
  • You’ll get the training and certification you need to deliver TotalSDI as an expert.
  • You’ll get discounted pricing and immediate access to new offerings and updates.

What You’ll Learn

The two-day in-person certification programme provides a thorough and practical understanding of how to use the TotalSDI suite of tools to successfully address issues such as engagement, teamwork, conflict management, effective coaching, and leadership development.

The goal of the certification process is to give you the skills, knowledge, and resources to immediately begin working with the TotalSDI suite of tools.

  • You’ll discover how TotalSDI tools apply in everyday situations and in conflict situations.
  • You’ll gain a deeper understanding of personal motives and how they connect to the behaviours that drive relationships.
  • You’ll see how to apply what you learn in several different training contexts – leadership development, team building, influence, communication, etc.
  • The experiential exercises and practical applications will allow you to more deeply explore how to apply TotalSDI concepts in conflict management, performance coaching, comparative models, and relationship-based 360-degree feedback.
  • You’ll learn to administer and debrief the feedback and expectations tools to help your clients see and address opportunities for building stronger, more effective teams, developing their leadership skills, and managing conflict.
  • You’ll process ways TotalSDI can address the current challenges and opportunities you face with your clients, whether that’s around low engagement, high turnover, excessive employee complaints, onboarding, building better mentoring programmes, developing promotion transitions or some other business need.
  • You will create a plan of action and consider how to best launch it to grow your business.

Experience the TotalSDI Certification Course

You’ll leave the TotalSDI Certification workshop with a thorough and practical understanding for using the assessments in your coaching and consulting practice. You’ll learn how to help clients identify and make decisions based on their core motives, while also learning to understand the core motives of the people around them.


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