Certification Process

TotalSDI Certification provides you with access to state of the art tools and the expertise to help your clients develop their leadership skills, build stronger teams, and more effectively deal with conflict.

Become a TotalSDI Accredited Facilitator

TotalSDI provides the preferred assessments of the world’s top coaches, trainers and consultants. TotalSDI provides the tools, training, and resources that will make you an expert in developing effective teams and stronger leaders. Join our ranks by becoming an Accredited Facilitator, and you’ll discover how to grow your business and improve your results.

The SDI Certification process includes a two-day classroom experience followed by supplemental training that enhances and supports the experience. The training provides you with advanced facilitation skills and access to the entire suite of TotalSDI tools.

By successfully completing the course, you’ll become an accredited facilitator, making you accredited to purchase, administer, and debrief the TotalSDI suite of assessments. It also gives you the confidence to start working with the tools the very next day.

TotalSDI Certification

cert-processTotalSDI is powerful because it focuses on the motives that drive behaviours, providing deep insights you can use as a foundation to meet just about any coaching or training need.

The Certification programme provides you with a thorough and practical understanding of how to use the TotalSDI suite of tools to successfully address issues such as engagement, teamwork, conflict management, effective coaching, and leadership development. The goal of the Certification process is to give you the skills, knowledge, and resources to immediately begin working with TotalSDI.

You will learn about the research that provides the foundation upon which the SDI was developed. And you’ll discover how the SDI and the Strengths Portrait can seamlessly integrate relationship and conflict management skills into a variety of applications.

TotalSDI is a fantastic tool for teaching effective management and leadership. It’s foundational to the work we do with almost all of our clients. It meets their needs in ways other tools don’t, because it helps people really understand who they are, how they relate to others, and what to do about it – when times are good and during conflict. Our clients see improved relationships, more effective teams, and greater results. That’s great for their business and ours.”
Kathy Barham, Owner, Lead With Purpose, LLC

What You’ll Learn

You will begin by discovering how the research behind TotalSDI created tools that apply in everyday situations and in conflict situations. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of personal motives and how they connect to the behaviours that drive relationships. And you’ll see how to apply what you learn in several different training contexts – leadership development, team building, influence, communication, etc.

The experiential exercises and practical applications will allow you to more deeply explore how to apply TotalSDI concepts in conflict management, performance coaching, comparative models, and relationship-based 360-degree feedback. You’ll learn how to administer and debrief the feedback and expectations tools to help your clients see and address opportunities for building stronger, more effective teams, developing their leadership skills, and managing conflict.

You’ll be asked to think of challenges and opportunities your clients’ organisations are facing. How can TotalSDI help organisations with low engagement? High turnover? Excessive employee complaints? How can it help with improving onboarding, building better mentoring programmes, or developing promotion transitions?

With the challenges or opportunities in mind, you will create a plan of action and consider how to best launch it within your clients’ organisations. You’ll leave with a plan that addresses the following questions:

  1. What are the critical needs facing my clients and potential clients?
  2. How can I best design custom solutions using TotalSDI to address those needs?
  3. What objectives can my clients expect to achieve with this programme?
  4. Who must I partner with to gain support for this programme?
  5. What type of agenda will I need to create for discussing the programme with key stakeholders or decision-makers?
  6. What specific exercises and tools should I incorporate into this programme?
  7. What meaningful metrics will ensure the programme accomplishes its objectives?

You will use a peer review to help strengthen your action plan, setting you and your clients up for greater success.

Lifelong TotalSDI

As an accredited facilitator with TotalSDI, you’re part of a large family of experts on the suite of tools. Your training won’t end with the initial classroom Certification. You’ll also gain access to additional training, including how you can increase your effectiveness when using the feedback and expectations versions of the SDI and Strengths Portrait tools.

We are committed to your ongoing success as an accredited TotalSDI facilitator. You will always find us ready and willing to answer any of your questions regarding your use of TotalSDI.

Expanded services such as coaching, co-facilitation, curriculum design, software, and electronic administration support are available at additional costs. Contact us for more information.

What You’ll Get

TotalSDI assessments are only sold through TotalSDI Facilitators. The TotalSDI Facilitator network consists of independent consultants, trainers and coaches who have been through a comprehensive Certification programme and are authorised to deliver the assessments.

If you are an accredited independent consultant, trainer or coach please register for our free webinar to learn more.

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