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If you’re in the business of developing people, then we want to help you with that mission. We empower you to create programmes that help people build and sustain stronger, healthier relationships, develop sustainable leadership skills, effectively manage conflict, and develop more productive teams.

Adding Value

Independent trainers, coaches, and consultants love TotalSDI because our tools add value to their business by delivering value to their clients. TotalSDI provides the insight, the common language and the data that consultants need to build great programmes that deliver exceptional results to improve organisational and team performance.

To become an accredited facilitator we invite you to attend a free TotalSDI webinar and see for yourself how our tools could work for you.

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Selecting the right tools to help you meet your clients’ complex needs is one of the most important decisions you’ll make, so we want you to feel confident that TotalSDI provides the best assessments and reports in the industry. Attend a free webinar to learn more. We’re convinced you’ll see the value in investing in TotalSDI.

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Join an Elite Community

TotalSDI assessments are only available through a network of independent consultants, coaches, and trainers who are Accredited Facilitators.

As an accredited TotalSDI facilitator


  • You’ll have access to the full suite of TotalSDI assessments and tools. TotalSDI assessments provide a foundation for any development programme that seeks to improve organisational and team performance.
  • You have ongoing support. Our team is available to help you make the most of the TotalSDI tools and resources, and you also have the support of our network of accredited facilitators – 4,237 worldwide (and growing).
  • You can operate independently so you can build your own great brand in the way that works best for you.
  • You’ll get the training and certification you need to deliver TotalSDI as an expert.
  • You’ll get discounted pricing and immediate access to new offerings and updates.

Build Your Brand

By becoming an accredited facilitator, it’s easy to add the credibility of TotalSDI to your own brand. Regardless of which TotalSDI products you’re using, you can integrate it with your logo. You’ll get:

  • Access to FacilitatorSource – the TotalSDI online system that administers the assessments, creates classes and outputs customisable personalised reports.
  • Certification seal that will set you apart.
  • Videos and reports you can put on your website.
  • Marketing materials you can use to explain TotalSDI’s assessments.

Lean on Us

The certification training is taught by the experts who helped develop the tools. TotalSDI is backed by an academic community of PhDs who provide updated validity and reliability studies so you have confidence in the science behind the tool you’re using with your clients.

Our TotalSDI Community of Consultants, Coaches, and Trainers

Accredited TotalSDI facilitators belong to a unique community of experts in the field of relational development. Like any community, we’re diverse but similar. Our accredited facilitators work for organisations of all sizes, from solo consultants or coaches to large organisations with employees in multiple offices around the world. Some work primarily as one-on-one coaches, while others build long-term programmes for global teams. Regardless, they share a commitment to excellence and to helping people learn the valuable insights and skills for professional growth.

To be eligible to join the TotalSDI community of accredited facilitators, you must:

  • Be comfortable integrating assessment tools into your consulting and training business.
  • Commit to thoroughly learning the theory behind TotalSDI and become comfortable operating as an expert in a facilitation role.
  • Operate with a sharp sense of professionalism and with the highest ethical standards.
  • Willingly set the pace in your industry.
  • Share what you know with those who can learn from you.

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