Overdone Strengths Portrait™

Sometimes less is more and too much of a good thing is potentially damaging. Such is the case with the strengths we choose in relationships. The Overdone Strengths Portrait goes where most assessments don’t by addressing the mystery of weaknesses. It helps people discover the source of their unproductive behaviour so they can make crucial corrections. And it provides valuable insights into potential sources of conflict and the costs associated with overdoing or misapplying strengths.

Finding a Balance

The Overdone Strengths Portrait allows people to see how they use – and at times misuse – their strengths. A behaviour that’s well-intended can backfire when it’s perceived as a negative action because it’s overdone or used in the wrong situation.
Overdone Strengths Portrait
For instance, you might have “Quick to Act” as one of your top strengths, and it may work great in many situations. In some situations and with certain people, however, you might be quick to act when others need you to be patient or cautious. If you consistently act without weighing the consequences, others might see you as rash.

Ranking 28 overdone strengths helps identify when and why strengths might result in unintended outcomes because they are perceived as overdone in frequency, duration, or intensity, or because they don’t fit the context of a situation. This portrait is extremely effective in creating opportunities to reflect on ways to change behaviours to achieve better results.

Paper or Digital Versions

The Overdone Strengths Portrait is available online or in paper versions. The paper editions are not tech dependant for the participants, can be scored by a facilitator at an event, and can be easily uploaded to produce paper or online reports.

The assessment produces a three-page report for the facilitator summarising the results of the class and a 7-page personalised report for the participant that provides an overview of the results and key concepts, along with insights and information specific to the participant’s results.

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