Expectations Are Everything

Disappointment often is nothing more than a side effect of misaligned expectations. Work doesn’t get done or it doesn’t get done well. Feelings are hurt. Relationships are damaged. Satisfaction in our work wanes. And, yet, we all live and work in a world that sets expectations. We expect things of ourselves and of others, and others expect things of us.

The Expectations Edition of the SDI and Strengths Portrait clarify relational expectations between people. Understanding differing expectations is an important and often overlooked part of measuring and managing satisfaction, personally and professionally. Differences in expectations often lead to conflict or dissatisfaction.
The Strengths Portrait Expectation Edition compares role expectations to individual strengths. It provides the opportunity for individuals and teams to rank the strengths they believe are required for success in a particular role.

This assessment doesn’t focus on specific goals or results; instead, it focuses on how people in roles or relationships can use their strengths most effectively. Most people have fairly clear ideas about what they should do and what results they should achieve in their roles. There are also expectations, however, about the ways people should interact while they are producing these results. The Strengths Portrait Expectations Edition helps to clarify these interpersonal expectations.

Most people fill more than one role – employee, manager, co-worker etc. Even within these roles, there can be different aspects. For example, a manager may find that there are different expectations for managing projects, making presentations to committees, conducting performance reviews, or working with customers. This assessment focuses on a specific role – they can pick that role or you can tell them which role they should use as they complete their portrait.

This Strengths Portrait produces a picture of the way someone believes they should prioritise and use their strengths in a role or relationship. When they compare it to their Strengths Portrait, they can create a plan to engage more fully and productively in their role.

The SDI Expectations Edition® helps clarify expectations in a specific role or relationship. Most people have fairly clear ideas, or role descriptions, about what they should do and what results they should achieve. They also have expectations about the ways people should interact while they are producing these results. And while poor results are disappointing, much of the dissatisfaction and conflict in the workplace comes from interactions that don’t meet expectations. The SDI Expectations Edition helps to clarify these interpersonal expectations, ideally before unspoken or misaligned expectations have a chance to cause harm.

This assessment provides an objective forum to get everyone’s expectations in the open and on paper so that they can be compared and discussed in a non-threatening and non-judgmental way. It helps people understand how their motives and strengths factor into the expectations that are a very real part of their work relationships. This understanding helps them make better decisions – decisions driven by their motives – and that leads to healthier relationships and more effective teams.

The SDI Expectations Edition can be used as a self-assessment for a person’s own role, as a feedback instrument, or even to set expectations of a vacant role. The results can help build consensus about expectations or reveal how to increase personal effectiveness and have a higher level of satisfaction in a situation or relationship.

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